Window Treatments

Window treatments are so important to your home. It can warm up a space or create an open airy feel. Combining blinds or shades and drapes will give you a complete finished look. Window treatments do not have to be like your “grandma’s window.” There are so many choices today. Custom window treatments are designed with you and your room in mind. Your space should reflect you, not a “cookie cutter” look.


Custom drapes are an opportunity to enhance your room. It can feature the room’s windows and frame a beautiful view or hide it. Functionally is key when designing drapes. They can keep the heat and cold out while adding another layer of fabric and color. Drapes can make your room warm and cozy or light and airy. Bring color into your room to enhance your décor.

Blinds & Shades

Not all windows are created equal. The exact measurement is crucial for the blinds or shades to work properly. If you want black out, semi opaque or sheer, there is a choice for everyone. Blinds and Shades can be colorful and bring texture into your room. Custom shades can be fun fabric for children’s rooms or give the space an additional layer with drapes. Blinds & Shades are made with safety feature cords.

Roman Shades

Roman shades can be made many different styles. Choose from trendy, contemporary or traditional. Fabrics can be mixed to give you a custom look and match your décor. Just like with other shades, one can have fun with colors and textures. Different types of shades function differently. Create the perfect style shade for your room.

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