You may know what styles and colors you like, but still need a little help. Our Design Consultation will help you pick the right furniture, accessories, and lighting to pull your room together for a finished look. Our Color Consultation will help you pick the perfect paint colors that will make your home feel warm and comfortable and creating a flow throughout.

Design Consultations

You may know what styles you like but have concerns about how to incorporate them into your existing décor. If you are that person who says, “I just want you to walk through my house and tell me what to do,” then this is the consultation for you! With this consult, we give you a list of ideas for accessories, sizes of furniture, lighting ideas and furniture placement.

Paint Consultations

Paint Color can be so confusing. With today’s open concept homes, it can be difficult to create a flow from one room to another. It looks like the perfect color in the store and when you get it on your walls, it is not what you wanted. Paint colors need to be viewed in your home at all different time of day and night. We bring samples of colors so you can see what they look like in your space.

Shopping Services

This is a good option if you are the type that gets overwhelmed shopping, or you do not have time. Do you purchase something and then have to return it? We offer shopping services to help narrow your selection and help you choose the right thing the first time.

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